What Keeps You From Riding More?

Only 29% of people in the US over 18 rode a bicycle last year.

How many people in the US over 18 own a bicycle?

Well over 100 million people!

What’s keeping so many people from going out for an evening ride and so many bikes hanging on the rack in the garage?

We don’t have the statistics, but we’re positive that most bicycle owners cast blame on a flat tube, a rusty frame, or the lack of shocks and pegs. Instead of taking their bike for some necessary maintenance, they double down on the inconvenience a trip to the local bike shop could be:

“They’re too expensive!”

“They’ll sell me a chain I didn’t ask for at check out!”

“I don’t have time to drop it off, and God knows when I could pick it up!”

Any of this sound familiar?

If you don’t want to be a member of the 71% of people who don’t pedal a single time throughout the year, and you live in the Grand Rapids area, then Biked is your reason to run out of excuses.

Biked is on a mission to improve every aspect of the bike ownership experience, and it starts with accessible bicycle care and repair right here in Grand Rapids. Mission aside, why should you choose to entrust your bicycle maintenance to us?

1. Unbeatable Pricing

You’d have to leave Michigan, potentially North America, to find prices as good as ours. You could find lower prices in Grand Rapids, but you’ll get cheaper service.

Heck, you can find a few shops that match our pricing, but they don’t have the cutting-edge facilities and tools that we have at the Biked repair warehouse.

Plus, we thought you didn’t have time to drop your bike off at the local shop?

Which leads us to…

2. Bicycle Pick Up and Drop Off

You’re busy, and we know that! But, thanks to the Biked app, you can schedule a same-day pickup and drop-off when selecting your bicycle maintenance services.

Down in Kentwood? We’ll come pick your bike up!

Work in downtown Grand Rapids but live out in Forest Hills?

We’ll pick your bike up from work and bring it back to you at home.

3. Zero Wait Times

Biked isn’t hindered by the usual 1200 square foot layout of traditional bike shops. Our massive service warehouse and our legendary mechanics are eager to work on as many bikes as possible.

There’s no queue or waitlist to reserve a spot in the Biked service shop. Simply download the app, and use our on-demand services to get the best bike maintenance available in Grand Rapids.

Our mission may be to improve every aspect of the bike ownership experience, but we sure hope a byproduct of our mission is 100% of Grand Rapids locals over the age of 18 getting outside for a bike ride every single day.

Book Your Service Now, and you’ll be moments away from the best bicycle maintenance experience of your life.