I got into branding and marketing when I decided, "hey, learning more about social media would probably help me out career-wise!" and reached out to Creators Collective for a part-time internship opportunity. I loved the idea of helping small businesses really thrive through the use of social media advertising and Creators Collective opened that door for me to explore.

I love that everyone on the team is so passionate about what they do, it's infectious and makes for a positive working environment where everyone is a team player. Also, if there's two things I'll always be passionate about, it's Grand Rapids and fitness. This crew and what Biked does is an excellent addition to the GR community, especially the fitness population here.

We are extremely honest and open with one another, which makes it easy to collaborate on any and all ideas. We truly want to succeed, no matter what, and it shows. For future candidates, be ready to put on your creative cap and be a team player!

I'm looking forward to more people falling in love with a way to get outside, move their bodies, and enjoy nature. Biked makes it so easy to have a reliable ride to enjoy all that biking has to offer. 

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