I’ve spent most of my career in sales, and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When I was a kid, I had a paper route that taught me a lot about the essentials of any successful business: good customer service and people skills. I have used that experience along the way, eventually getting into retail sales selling jewelry in college. Since graduating, I’ve been fortunate to have a successful career in B2B sales of various products and services.

Growing up in Grand Rapids, I would say I was literally on my bike as often as humanly possible!! I built a BMX track in the woods behind my house, and was always setting up various ramps to test my jumping skills and learn new freestyle tricks. As you can imagine, this type of riding resulted in my bikes needing A LOT of repairs. I taught myself early-on how to take care of those repairs myself, and have had a passion for this industry ever since. Over the last several years I have spent a lot of time volunteering at local bicycle non-profit co-ops honing my bicycle repair skills and continuing to learn about all-things-bikes. In 2018 my entrepreneurial drive led me to open my own small business, Full Cycle GR, refurbishing and repairing bikes out of my garage. I realized through that experience how much joy and satisfaction I got from helping people get back into cycling. So many people would like to cycle more than they do, but don’t always have the skills or access to affordable or convenient bike care & repair !!!

When I met Biked CEO David Hopson in 2021, I knew immediately that we shared a common interest in bike repair and helping people. We also have similar philosophies on how we want to make bike repair services more accessible to all. We stayed in contact over several months, and I was amazed how quickly he and Jared built Biked from a small garage bike repair business to where it is today. When they asked me to join the team, I could not say no. I believe in the vision for Biked and I knew that if I said no, I would definitely end up regretting it down the road! Biked has given me an opportunity to build my life-long passion into a career in the cycling industry, all with a company that values my experience and is excited to grow with me.

Most people purchase a bike for themselves or a family member without thinking ahead about the need for maintenance. When they eventually, inevitably, do need repair work done, they have to figure out how to get this big, heavy, often dirty bike to a local shop. The average cyclist doesn’t own a bike rack for their vehicle, so they try to toss it in the back of their car. Often this requires removing the front wheel and some delicate maneuvering to get the bike to fit.
Hands and car usually get messy, and it's fair to say the entire process is cumbersome, time consuming, and unpleasant for the average person. On top of that, once they get their bike to the shop there’s no telling how long the wait will be…. From days to several weeks in busy season! Biked offers a service that takes that hassle out of the equation and gives cyclists of all levels a worry-free solution to bike maintenance and repair.

The Biked team is made up of people with various skills and backgrounds who use their strengths to really position this business to be very successful. You may be hired as a bike mechanic, but we may find out you're an artist and we want to encourage you to express yourself and brighten up the walls at our shop. This actually happened with our Master Bike Technician, who as it turns out is a hugely talented street artist. You may be tuning up a bike one day and the next day you’re painting a 80' x 20' mural on a shop wall. Biked genuinely wants to provide an inclusive and fun work environment and knows their employees are the key to their success!

I hope to see Biked break barriers in the cycling community. I want to see people of all different cultural and economic backgrounds be able to enjoy all of the benefits that cycling provides. I want to show the average person that this is not an industry for just one demographic of people. I want to see Biked give back to the communities that helped them grow into a prosperous business.

YETI SB150.....one because it is an insanely awesome bike, but it's also one of the Biked brand colors!

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