Biked As Title Sponsor For Dirty Mitten 2022

Biked is the Title Sponsor for The Dirty Mitten 2022.

The Biked crew is always searching for innovative ways to make bike care accessible for all, so we could not be more thrilled to announce our title sponsorship for The Dirty Mitten!

Get ready for the dirtiest weekend of the year held at Camp Manitou-Lin in Middleville, Michigan. The Dirty Mitten Bike Race takes place on Saturday, September 24th, 2022 with 28 and 50 mile distances. The Dirty Mitten Gravel is Michigan’s largest gravel triathlon and takes place on Sunday, September 25th, 2022 with the following races:

The Half Crazy Tri – 2250m Swim, 54 Bike, 13.1 Run
The Half Crazy Relay – 2250m Swim, 54 Bike, 13.1 Run
The Half Crazy Aquabike – 2250m Swim, 54 Bike
The Half Crazy Duathlon – 3.1 Run, 54 Bike, 13.1 Run

The Long One Tri – 1500m Swim, 29 Bike, 6.2 Run
The Long One Relay – 1500m Swim, 29 Bike, 6.2 Run
The Long One Aquabike – 1500m Swim, 29 Bike
The Long One Duathlon – 3.1 Run, 29 Bike, 6.2 Run

The Shorty Tri – 750m Swim, 14 Bike, 3.1 Run
The Shorty Relay – 750m Swim, 14 Bike, 3.1 Run
The Shorty Aquabike – 750m Swim, 14 Bike
The Shorty Duathlon – 3.1 Run, 14 Bike, 3.1 Run

Learn more about how Dirt Fest Weekend came to be here.

Our partnership with Tris4Health helps grow awareness and interest in gravel and multi-sport while providing a top-notch endurance event to Michigan – which Tris4Health has been successfully doing for over 10 years. The Biked crew is thrilled to work alongside the amazing team at Tris4Health and we are very much looking forward to getting DIRTY this September!

“I’m excited to be sponsoring The Dirty Mitten as we work to promote and grow gravel riding in West Michigan,” said David Hopson, CEO and Co-Founder of Biked. “This partnership with Tris4Health is only just the beginning of something great. Jon and John are fantastic at what they do and it’s a privilege to work alongside them.”

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