Best Bicycle Repair Shops in Grand Rapids, MI

Slowly but surely, spring is sneaking up on us in Grand Rapids. Warming temperatures, longer days, and melting snow have everyone pulling their bike off the rack.

Gravel heads are mapping out new routes.

Ironman hopefuls are itching to get off the indoor trainer (woof).

Local college kids are aiming to be 5 minutes less late to class.

And all of them will see the issues months of dormant time can create for a bike. Before clipping in, shifting gears, or trying to pedal, take your bike to one of the top five bike shops in Grand Rapids for some proper love and attention.

1. Biked | Mobile Bike Care Made Easy

What better place in Grand Rapids than right where you’re sitting?

Download the Biked app or visit and request the service you need (we recommend a premium tune-up to kick off the spring), and one of our technicians will come right to your location to pick it up.

Once we finish with it at our cutting-edge service shop, we’ll bring it back to you, ready to ride.

We put the best option first for ease and quality of service, but we’ll see you pedaling around Grand Rapids no matter where your bike gets serviced this spring.


2. FreeWheeler Bike Shop

It’s hard to beat the expertise at FreeWheeler.

What sets this Grand Rapids shop apart is the amount of custom mountain, road, and fat-tire work they do. They’ll tweak, rig, and fix any bike to a customer’s exact specifications.

If your bike is ultra-custom made, consider dropping in for a visit. 
3. Switchback Gear Exchange

The staff at Switchback Gear Exchange is some of Grand Rapids’ finest.

Their exemplary services give customers affordable access to high-quality outdoor recreation goods without the usual elitist vibes common among the outdoor community.

If you own a mountain bike or are looking for a terrain-ready bike for the spring, check them out!

4. Grand Rapids Bicycle Co.
There’s no bigger shop you can visit in Grand Rapids.

From suspension services, bike repairs, bikes, apparel, and accessories, Grand Rapids Bicycle Co is where you want to go for a quick fix, route beta, and knowledgeable staff.

Plus, if you’re looking to join a group ride, they offer weekly rides for all skill levels.

5. Main Street Bicycle Co.

Every cyclist in Grand Rapids has to pay their respects to the old guard.

Main Street Bicycle Co. is where you want to go for an old-school local shop feel and to pay homage to the area’s bicycle legacy. 
Without Main Street, Grand Rapids wouldn’t have the cycling scene it has today.