3 Reason To Get A Bike Tune-Up Before Summer

Snow is melting, clouds are parting, and the sun is beginning to shine in Grand Rapids. Harsh Michigan winters always give way to gorgeous summers ripe with opportunities to hop on the bike for a breezy summer ride.

Before you swing your leg over the saddle, you should heavily consider bringing your bicycle into the shop for a tune-up. Too many bike riders begin their summer rides without proper maintenance and need roadside assistance to get home after pedaling for less than an hour.

A rusty chain snaps and falls to the ground.

A slightly deflated tube turns into a mid-ride blowout.

A seat isn’t properly adjusted, and it cuts off circulation.

All unfortunate reasons bikes get left in the garage to collect unnecessary dust throughout the summer. If your bike has been sitting idle throughout the winter a full tune-up sounds like a waste of time and money.

Here are three definitive reasons why getting a bicycle tune-up to kick off the summer will save you time and money and keep your bike on the road where it belongs.

1. Dust Does Damage

Your bike is like a delicate machine. Specs of dirt and rust cause more damage than most cyclists expect.

If your bike’s pivot points are full of dust and dirt, the gear shifting gets out of whack, and the brake system becomes compromised. Slowly shifting gears and faulty brakes are the small things that lead to major accidents.

A simple tune-up on the front end of summer will eradicate any winter dust your bike collected and keep you out of the hospital due to an avoidable bike wreck.

2. Tires Tire Out

Tires and wheels require hefty attention to keep your bicycle road safe. And if your bike has been hanging from the rafters, leaning against a wall, or placed squarely on a rack for months on end, there could be a slew of issues that go unnoticed.

Your bike’s wheel is a system of spokes that have to work together, to work correctly. If one spoke is out of line or slightly bent, it will bend more and fall more out of line with every ride. If the tires show signs of dry rotting or weather erosion, more riding on them will worsen the issue.

Taking your bike to a local shop ensures that a set of trained eyes catch any tire or wheel issues that would cause disaster down the road.

3. Chains Change

Every ride brings your chain one step close to needing a change, and lying dormant during Michigan winters doesn’t stop the clock. A rusty chain is easy to see and needs a change, but, like most parts of a bike, it’s the subtle issues that cause significant problems when left unattended.

Even if your chain is hanging looser than it should, which doesn’t seem like the worst problem, it could be wearing out everything it touches. The teeth on your gears can be shortened, sharpened, or widened from a worn-out, un-lubed chain. Without a new chain, you could be looking at replacing the cassette, the gears, and the chain before the summer is over.

Plenty of bike mechanics can lube your chain up and replace it before you’re staring at extra costs midway through the summer.

Michigan summers are perfect for logging big miles, easy family rides, or beginning a new weekend-long ride plus brunch tradition. Don’t let issues that a simple, fast bicycle tune-up would fix keep you off the roads and your bike in storage.

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